• CD – A Sprig Of Rosemary (Harp Flute Duo) Celtic Folk with beautiful blend of rich harmonies Produced @ Marc Meriläinen Music – Toronto, On. 2014
  • CD – Shining Waters Harp Collection of soothing sounds from Celtic to Contemporary – Produced @ Towne Music, Mississauga, On.
  • CD – Christmas at Trafalgar Castle – 16 Songs – Stories-Nursery Rhymes Produced @ Boudreau’s Studio-Toronto, On. 2011
  • Harp Column – Acoustic Cafe Magazine – Purple Paw Pub – Kitchener, On. 1996-97
  • Poetry – Acoustic Cafe Magazine – Purple Paw Pub – Kitchener, On. 1996-97
  • Harp History Articles – Ontario Folk Harp Society – Harp to Harp Newsletters. 2001
  • Barrel of Stories, SFS Editor from March 2013 – current and ongoing

“Shining Waters” CD
$20.00 Can

“Christmas at Trafalgar Castle” CD
$20.00 Can

Shining Waters
Solo Harp Collection of Music ranging from Celtic to Contemporary

On Shining Waters I used my Celtic Harp hand made from cherry wood. I call her Summer since she was first strung on the Summer Solstice. Summer has a deep rich tone that leans best towards producing beautiful Celtic Music. On the soundboard there are intricate hand painted Celtic knot work designs with animal/bird interlace. Celts believed that such symbols helped them attain the characteristic of that creature. I have infinity toward song birds thus imagine mine to be a Nightingale.

1. Shining Waters – Kim Michele/Contemporary
2. Trumpet Voluntary – Purcell/Baroque
3. Greensleeves – Traditional/English
4. Brian Boru’s March – Traditional/Irish
5. Planxty Irwin – Carolan Celtic
6. Canon in D – Pachebel/Baroque
7. Scarborough Fair -Traditional/English
8. Jesu Joy – Bach/Baroque
9. Bridget Cruise – Carolan Celtic
10.Lamb’s Fold Vale – Traditional/Welsh

Christmas at Trafalgar Castle
16 Songs Stories Nursery Rhymes

Let us envision the King’s Castle and good Queen, A storybook Prince and Princess, a Palace, let us dream…

Imagine the excitement of celebrating Holiday Festivities in an Elizabethan style castle rich in architecture and history with fifteen towers and secret passageways. Thus hear the Harp strings ring out with Stories Rhymes & Songs sung throughout the Great Halls of Trafalgar Castle in Whitby on one such December Day…

1. Christmas Is Coming – Old English Round
2. Grandfather Frost, the Tsar of Winter – Nikolai A. Nekrasov
3. Hark the Christmas Bells are Ringing – Russian Nursery Rhyme
4. Jolly Old St. Nicholas – Song, Author Unknown, first printed 1860
5. Christmas in the Woods – Beatrix Potter, The Fairy Caravan
6. Over the River and Through the Woods – Song 1844, L.M. Child
7. The Stranger Child – Count Franz Pocci
8. Little Jack Horner – Old English Nursery Rhyme, 16thc
9. The Gingerbread Man – Fairytale First appeared in print 1875
10. Frosty the Snowman – Popular Song, Jack Rollins/Steve Nelson
11. There were Two Little Boys -Swedish Nursery Rhyme
12. The Little Fir Tree – Fairytale, Hans Christian Andersen (adapted)
13. The Little Drummer Boy – Carol, Katherine Kennicott Davis 1941
14. The Snowflake’s New Year – Story Margo Fallis
15. Suzy Snowflake – Popular Song, Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett
16. Christmas is Coming – Old English Round

Stories, Rhymes & Songs arranged/performed by Kim Michele/Harp

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